Appeal Division of the Family Court of Australia (Appearing for the Respondent mother with Mr L. Reeves)


FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – CHILDREN – Where the father appeals against interim parenting orders suspending his time with the child – Where the mother and Independent Children’s Lawyer conceded that the appeal should be allowed – Where the primary judge erred in finding that there was a risk of harm to the child that would warrant the suspension of time – Where the trial judge failed to consider other options which might have enabled the child to regularly spend time with the father in a safe setting – Orders set aside – Proceedings remitted for re-hearing.

FAMILY LAW – COSTS – Costs Certificates – Where the appeal was finalised by consent – Where an order for costs as between the parties would not be appropriate – Whether appropriate to grant cost certificates – Cost certificates granted to the parties and Independent Children’s Lawyer for the appeal and the re-hearing.

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