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Between 1984 and 1988 I worked as a solicitor in private practice and later for the Commonwealth Attorney General. I have been practicing in Australia as a barrister since 1988. My area of practice in Sydney relates to all types of Human Relationships and Family Law. I deal mainly with married and de facto property division, parenting cases and child support. I also undertake work in Wills and Estates.

On my website you will find information about how to contact me, my past work as a Barrister in Court, my work now exclusively as a mediator undertaking alternate dispute resolution in Family Law matters, my past cases, you can download some of the legal papers I have written, look up some useful law links and find out how to contact my Clerk who can tell you the dates I have available and reserve one for you.


I can help you


I conduct mediations. Mediation is a best way to resolve a dispute (ADR) by assisting 2 (or more) people to quickly reach an agreement.

picture2My work in the past as a barrister

I have appeared as a barrister in Court since 1988 but these days I focus on Family Law Mediation. My experience as a lawyer has been an intergral part of understanding and solving people’s Family Law disputes.