Resolving your dispute quickly

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of  Australia is overflowing with cases so your dispute may take years to be determined at a hearing. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which aims to assist two (or more) people to quickly reach an agreement.  Unlike a Court decision the parties themselves determine the outcome rather accepting a decision imposed by a Court in which they have no say. I have more than 30 years of  experience as a Mediator in Family Law financial, child support and parenting cases so I am able to mediate any dispute relating to Family and Human Relationships Law. I have been recognised as a leading NSW Family Law Mediator in the Doyles Legal Guide.

Evaluative Mediation Option

Evaluative mediation is based on judges’ settlement conferences. Evaluative mediators do not give legal advice but if both parties agree an evaluative mediator assists the parties reach agreement by pointing out possible weaknesses in their case, and trying to predict the sort of things a judge would be likely to do. An evaluative mediator may make recommendations to the parties as to the outcome of certain issues. They can also explain the costs and delays vs. the benefits of pursuing legal proceedings compared with settling in mediation.  This model works best when the parties are deadlocked on key issues. Research tells us that it is very effective in solving Family Law disputes.


Anything said at a mediation is strictly confidential and, other than in exceptional circumstances, may not be used in Court.


Mediations are held at my Chambers at Suite 124, 267 Castlereagh Street Sydney.  There are 4 comfortable rooms available, 3 of which have natural light and have access to a balcony (see photos below).  There is an additional $600 fee for use of my chambers.

Video Conferencing Option

Mediations can be conducted by ZOOM video conferencing which requires a PC or MAC desktop or laptop with webcam and microphone fitted.  ZOOM will also work with an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet.  It is very easy to use and you connect just by clicking in a link in an email I send to you.  

If you and/or the client have not tried video conferencing before I recommend a 5 minute “test run” before the mediation.

I have run many meditations this way and it has worked surprisingly well.  I have also found that video conferencing meditations tend to be considerably less stressful on the parties.

COVID-19 Safety

Until the pandemic is over I follow all Government regulations for COVID-19 and request all participants in face to face mediations to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Fees and booking a mediation

Please contact my Clerk, Loraine Byrnes to enquire about my availability and to book a mediation.  My fees are set out in the agreement and brochure you can download on the bottom of this page.

Loraine Byrnes 

Tel: 9220-6100

The parties usually share all mediation fees equally unless they agree otherwise.

Download more information and the Intake (Mediation Booking) form




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